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Professional focus:Focus on the field of industrial cleaning, the top experts in cleaning industry.
Sincerity enthusiasm:Establish trust and responsible interpersonal relationship, full of enthusiasm and passion to help our customers and colleagues.
Diligent: work hard, pragmatic refinement, pursuit excellence, and pay attention to the accumulation.
Serving Customers: Reduce customer costs, to resolve difficulties in cleaning and promote cleaning industry development
Brand value: popularity and reputation’s combine, to establish a good corporate brand, product brand and personal brand.


Provide rapid service depend on the nationwide sales and service network, help you solve the problems in equipment management timely under the Essen expert’s on-the-spot instructions.
Professional: ESSE research and development experts - ESSE Lab - ESSE cleaning engineering expert – ESSE Service Engineer,which is constitute a full-on experts team.   They are always concerned about your needs, make you needed technology and service within easy reach.
EnthusiasmEither the cleaning equipment and management or products problem; Either need ESSE existing products or products to be developed; as long as you have needs, ESSE will do our great enthusiasm to exclude your difficulty and anxiety.
Value-added:  ESSE is committed to enhance product quality, improve equipment management level, enhance employees' sense of responsibility, improve the working environment, optimize the cleaning process, reduce customer costs, improve the economic efficiency of enterprises.

Mission statement

ESSE is committed to improving the global industrial cleaning technology level, in order to achieve this goal, we will do from below six aspects :
1.  R&D, continuous innovation and provide the most valuable industrial cleaning products for customers.
2. Industrial cleaning solutions and exemplary value services are the base to win customers.
3. Interest is the cornerstone of company development. Reduce customers costs, improve customer environment, raising the cleaning technology to achieve safe and efficient operation of the equipment are the pursuit of ESSE’s goals.
4. Distributors, suppliers and partners is a consortium of companies to achieve a win-win situation is an important principle for the development of the company.
5. The employees are a company's greatest asset, encourage and help employees to achieve their personal value is a company's behavior-oriented.
6. Profits and return to society is the source of company growth motivation.